Board Certified OBGYN Women's Health Doctor Montgomery County MD
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Meet Dr. Beth Sosin

 Beth Sosin MD | OBGYN Silver Spring Rockville Montgomery County

Board Certified OB/GYN

After completing my training in New Jersey, I had the opportunity to move to Montgomery County, MD area with my soon to be husband who would be training at Georgetown. My search for an OB/Gyn practice to join led me to Capital Women’s Care. I was so impressed by their passion and dedication to promoting women’s health, that I just had to be a part of the team! Soon after joining the practice, I became Board Certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. My professional interests are in adolescent gynecology and helping young women become comfortable with addressing their gynecology concerns. I also have a special interest in minimally invasive surgery.

I have been practicing with this group, serving Montgomery County, for almost 5 years and consider our group to be the best!

I am originally from New Jersey where I trained at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Love Women’s Health

I have always been interested in issues surrounding women’s health. When I had the option to choose training in the field of OB/Gyn ~ I was delighted! This field allows me the opportunity to not only help women through minimally invasive surgeries, but also help them through important milestones in their lives. I consider myself fortunate to be able to play an active role in my patient’s journey to motherhood, and enjoy the relationships I make with them and all of my patients.

Toddler Time

After relocating to the Rockville and Silver Spring area and getting married, I gave birth to my first child! Being a new mother has been such a wonderful experience and has allowed me a new way to bond with my expectant patients. When I’m not helping my patients, I enjoy doing anything that allows me to spend time with my family. I love seeing the world through the eyes of my toddler, and you can find us at the park, the library, and the local aquarium. I enjoy exercising and participate in a spin class or hiking outdoors. During quiet times at home, I enjoy drawing and painting.

Beth L. Sosin, M.D.
Board Certified OB/Gyn
Montgomery County
Silver Spring and Rockville MD