Board Certified OBGYN Rockville 20850 Silver Spring 20902 COEMIG Surgeon Spanish
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Meet Dr. Randy Lizardo

Randy Lizardo MD | OBGYN Rockville Silver Spring | COEMIG Designated | Microinvasive Surgeon

Professional Service

After my residency, I went on to become an assistant Clinical Professor at George Washington University. To date, I stay involved in resident and student education and enjoy teaching future generations of health care providers. From 2013-2015, I was the Chairman of the Robotics Committee at Holy Cross Hospital and also was a physician proctor for the da Vinci Robot. I have a special interest in robotic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, pelvic floor surgery, advanced hysteroscopic surgery, and minimally invasive management of fibroids. In 2013, I was designated as a Center of Excellence for Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) certified minimally invasive surgeon. COEMIG recognizes those surgeons who have completed an intense, evaluative process and training to provide minimally invasive gynecological surgical care. Several of my partners have the same distinction. I am proficient in Spanish and enjoy the part of my practice that allows me to help women with irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, and high risk obstetrics.

My Career as a Doctor

When I was in school and training, I was drawn to the field of OB/Gyn because it deals with all of the aspects of medicine that I admire and puts it all in one specialty. I feel this gives me a unique perspective and allows me to take care of my patients through many stages of their lives – like talking about birth control for the first time, discussing routine health issues, providing surgical care when needed, and helping them navigate the changes of menopause. This field is the only one that allows me to do all of this – PLUS take care of women during their pregnancies. I adore being part of the greeting committee when parents meet their child for the first time!

Nom, nom, nom

My wife and I enjoy traveling to different locations and trying the local cuisine. There’s nothing like learning about the culture and history of the area through tasting the gastronomic delights! I also enjoy spending time with my family – there are so many of us, there is always something fun going on. When I’m not eating on the road or hanging out with family, I enjoy spending time outdoors – in the warm months, you’ll find me in a local fishing hole, and during in the winter months, I’m likely to be snowboarding.

Randy Lizardo, M.D.
Board Certified OB/GYN
COEMIG Designated Surgeon
Rockville and Silver Spring MD