Frequently Asked Questions | Board Certified OBGYN | Rockville Silver Spring Montgomery County
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cross cover with other groups when you are on call?

We do not have a set cross coverage with other practices. We believe the best quality care is provided by the doctors who know you best and who you know best.

How long does it take to get test results?

Labs can take anywhere from 1-3 days to return while Pap smears and biopsies may take 1-2 weeks. Other tests and cultures may take up to one week to return. Once your results are reviewed, you may be contacted by one of our advice nurses to discuss the results or you may be asked to come in for a consultation.

Who do I call if I am having symptoms that concern me?

If it is during normal office hours you call the office and will be directed to the triage line. One of our triage nurses will then contact you and one of the office physicians will then be consulted to oversee your care. If you are having an emergency and the office is closed you are to call the on call physician at 1-888-801-3988.

I think I may be pregnant. What should I do?

First perform a home urine pregnancy test. If it is positive start taking a prenatal vitamin and then call the office to schedule a confirmation visit. You will be asked when was your last menstrual period when you call.

What hospital are you affiliate with?

We perform all of our deliveries and major surgeries at Holy Cross Hospital. If you are having an emergency and go to a hospital other than Holy Cross we will not be able to oversee your care. Minor surgeries are performed at an outpatient surgical facility known as The Maryland Surgical Center for Women.

Am I in labor and when should I go to the hospital?

The signs and symptoms of labor can be confusing at times especially for first time parents. Some women may feel periodic tightening of their abdomen or even menstrual type cramps that get progressively stronger. It is common to have these symptoms irregularly throughout the pregnancy. If you think you are having these symptoms and they are occurring every 4-5 minutes for 1-2 hours and you are becoming progressively more uncomfortable, then please call the advice nurse or the on call doctor. You can often be first evaluated in the office rather than proceeding directly to the hospital.

Did I break my water?

Your discharge may appear different when you are pregnant. As you get closer to your due date it also may change in quality. If you notice a large “gush” of water, are having continuous leakage, or if you are unsure then you should call the advice nurse or on call doctor.

I need a refill of a prescription what should I do?

rockville silver spring md obgyn | board certifiedCall the office during normal business hours and leave a message with the prescription refill request line. Please indicate the medication or medications as well as the dosage. Also please leave a message stating when you had your last well woman exam or visit. Please do not call the on call doctor or emergency line with routine prescription refill requests.