Genetic Cancer Screening at Capital Women’s Care

Early detection can change the course of cancer and improve your chances

About Hereditary Cancer Screening

According to research, up to 10 percent of cancers are due to factors that are passed from one generation to the next. Today there are genetic tests that can be used to determine a person’s risk for developing cancer. If you have a family history of cancer, you may want to speak to one of our providers about genetic testing.

There are many benefits to getting tested. If one of your family members had cancer, there is a chance that you inherited a gene mutation that not only increases your own risk of cancer but also could be passed to your children. The sooner genetic testing is done, the more likely the risk can be managed.

Facts About Genetic Testing

  • Genetic testing is done via a saliva sample or a blood draw
  • Most insurances cover genetic testing
  • Privacy laws are in place to protect you

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