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Obstetrician measuring blood pressure of the pregnant woman.

Preeclampsia Warning Signs: Before & After Delivery


Preeclampsia is a serious condition that may happen after the 20th week of pregnancy or after giving birth. It causes high blood pressure and other issues which can stress your heart and cause problems during and after pregnancy. Keep reading to learn more about preeclampsia warning signs before and after delivery.

woman at doctor's office.

How to Manage Vaginal Dryness


A decrease in estrogen is one of the main reasons for vaginal dryness, although there are other reasons as well. It can occur at any time in a woman’s life, but is noticed especially during menopause. It makes sexual intercourse uncomfortable and even impossible.

New mother preparing for her first baby.

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Your New Baby


Are you feeling all the last trimester feels? Other than feeling uncomfortable, like you’ve swallowed a watermelon, your feelings may be all over the map. Maybe excitement as the time draws closer to meet your little bundle? Possibly some overwhelm as you think about all the preparation left to do to welcome your baby?

doctor performing pap smear.

Things That Can Cause an Abnormal Pap Smear


Women routinely have Pap smears during their well-woman appointments typically every three years until they are age 65 and older. Once results have been reviewed, if there is anything out of the ordinary, Capital Women’s Care may call to inform you the test was abnormal and discuss next steps.

Anne Shrout, MD.

Dr. Anne Shrout is Deployed Until Mid-April


Dr. Anne Shrout will be out of the office until the middle of April while she is deployed to provide OBGYN care in Hawaii. Call (301) 681-9101 to request an appointment with one of our many board-certified OBGYN specialists today.

pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester.

3rd Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What To Expect


You have made it through the 1st and 2nd trimester, and here you are approaching the finish line. Whew! Weeks 28 through 40 may seem like forever, but these are important weeks. Knowing what to expect during this time may ease any anxiety and help you get ready to greet your little one.

patient discussing results on paper.

What Patients Should Know About the Liletta IUD


Intrauterine devices, abbreviated as IUDs, have been growing more and more popular among American women over the last few years. Liletta is both highly effective and lasts for 3-5 years, making it an excellent option for those considering a long-lasting form of birth control!