Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Your New Baby

Are you feeling all the last trimester feels? Other than feeling uncomfortable, like you’ve swallowed a watermelon, your feelings may be all over the map. Maybe excitement as the time draws closer to meet your little bundle? Possibly some overwhelm as you think about all the preparation left to do to welcome your baby? Perhaps even some nerves to think about the birth?

All these feelings are so normal! Let me take some of the pressure off for you! Follow these 10 simple steps that I’ve curated over the years so that you’ll be calm as a cucumber.

1. Choose a pediatrician.New mother preparing for her first baby.

My favorite way to choose is to ask your bestie, your friends at the gym, or your buds at the coffee shop:

  • Where do you take your kids?
  • What do you love about your pediatrician and the practice?
  • What don’t you love?

2. Grab a cute notebook (or open the Notes app on your phone) and jot down some questions for your final OB visits.

Sample Q’s:

  • When should you call?
  • Is there a special number?
  • How soon should you jet set off to the hospital when you’re ready?
  • What are things to look out for?

3. Start to explore your preferences for feeding your baby.

Breast fed, formula fed or a hybrid?
This is a perfect time to chat with your partner about the options and figure out what’s the best fit for your family.

4. If you’re thinking breastfeeding is your choice, pick out a breast pump.

Hint: your health insurance company MUST provide a free double electric breast pump.
This is not your Mother’s pump! There are so many options & upgrades these days. Open up your insurance app and scroll around to see what they’ll pay for and decide that fits your needs.

5.  Here’s my special sauce – line up your superstar supporters and find your village.

This is the perfect time when someone says, “I’m here to help you!” Instead of just a quick thank you, say, “awesome sauce, what should I count on you for?” Get a feel for how your family and friends can help out once you have this baby.
Some options – walking the dog, setting up a Meal Train, grocery shopping, joining you for a pediatrician appointment, taking siblings for a play date, etc.

My best friend would come over every few days to hold my baby so I could take a shower and that was the best gift I could ask for!

6. Make a few meals for your freezer. Your postnatal self will thank you.

Even a simple French toast casserole, baked ziti, fruit smoothie bags, or chicken soup that you froze last month will feel like a Michelin Star meal when you’re exhausted with no time to cook.

7. Make a wish list/registry.

Target, Amazon and other online stores make it so easy.

Maybe someone is throwing you a baby shower, make sure to set it up in plenty of time.
Don’t forget to add in some necessities like diapers, sleepers and equipment (car seat, bassinet, bouncy seat, swing, high chair, stroller)

8. Assemble a baby First Aid Kit. Take a quick trip to Target or fill up your online cart with:

  • Infant Tylenol.
  • HINT: Check that the expiration date is as far away as possible.
  • Saline mist spray.
  • Bulb syringe.
  • Infant nail clippers.

9. Pack up your hospital bag. Bring:

  • Going home outfit for baby.
  • Long phone charger, like a 10-footer in case the plug is far away from your bed.
  • AirPods or headphones in case the hospital is loud.
  • A pen and pad of paper.
  • Clothes for Mom to go home.
  • Toiletries for Mom and Dad.
  • Save some room – no need to bring things that the hospital will have like diapers and wipes.

10. Take advantage this time before your baby is born. Do some things for yourself before having an infant car seat to cart around.

How about you enjoy:

  • A special dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • A movie night
  • And how about some deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed (try the 4, 7,8 technique)

You’ve got this Mama! As a Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Nurse and a Mom of three, I wanted to share all my MOST helpful tips. My wish for you is that this roadmap helps you feel in control and all ready to meet your precious one.

And if you’re thinking you’d like some extra TLC, I’m here for you too. Let’s meet virtually one-on-one. Schedule here.

Maurine Mills, The Baby Pro

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My own mother dragged me to a newborn support group and it changed everything. It was life-changing for me and my daughter when I got the newborn advice and emotional help I needed.

I started this company because I want to be that support for you. Since my first daughter, I’ve had 2 more children and have 20 years of pediatric nursing experience under my belt. It is my passion to help new parents through the challenges of these first stages. A newborn doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but it can come with The Baby Pro.